Welcome to Ayomi Arts


About Us

Ayomi Arts is a creative arts brand into production of culturally inspired textile and furniture items that are modern, sustainable, appealing and ecofriendly.

Our fabrics and raw materials are locally sourced within Nigeria, hence strengthening the economic chain from cotton farmers to final consumers

Our furniture items are made using waste materials like tyres, glass, paper, and plastics in a way that tells the story of places, people, events, and culture.


Our Vision

To be the leading sustainable and innovative creative arts brand in Africa.

Our Mission

We create unique art pieces that are culturally inspired, innovative, ecofriendly, and inspire people while achieving economic prosperity for all.

Our Uniqueness

We help our customers feel confident about who they are, with our unique way of using arts to tell stories on fabrics and other mediums.

Core Values

  • Creativity: ideas beyond the box, transcending traditional ways of thinking.
  • Customer Service: A Customer to us is a Royalty to us.
  • Teamwork: Building a creative environment where we achieve more in togetherness.
  • Innovation: Aiming to consistently evolve with the world around us without losing the uniqueness of originality.
  • People Development: Serving our immediate community as far as our caring hands can reach.
  • Sustainability: our commitment to protect nature and the environment.

Our SDG Priorities

We incorporate SDGs 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 17 into our business model to achieve our mission, from our talent acquisition to our production process, to corporate social impact projects.

Our profit generation enables us to create more employment opportunities in support of SDG 8, our products are culturally inspired and are either supporting upcycling in the case of our waste to furniture projects or can be upcycled in the case of our Tie-dye and Batik fabrics. We strive to conform to eco-friendliness in our production process to protect the environment, in support of SDGs 11, 12, and 13.

Our social outreach projects are targeted toward raising adolescents, teenagers, and youths who are more vulnerable in society, in orphanages, low-income schools, and the unemployment pool to reduce inequalities in support of SDG 10.








Ayomitomiwa Ogunsile sees Arts as a means of communication and is driven by her passion for arts and design, love for Afrocentric culture, and strong belief in Nigeria, thus establishing Ayomi Arts to explore the unlimited possibilities in the power of Arts.

Having used poetry as a medium of art to overcome depression experienced in childhood, it is no wonder that you would find her ready to encourage anyone facing challenges to make art with their pain. She believes the various medium of arts have the power to release our inner child, give us a sense of fulfillment, and help us feel heard.

She is a multi-talented Architecture graduate, trained with the prestigious Nike Arts gallery in traditional textile design with a Batik major, she successfully completed a post-baccalaureate in Architecture (Studio First) at Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University in 2021, and has experience across the Real Estate Industry in Nigeria as an intern architect, a realtor, and advisory board member of a real estate brokerage firm.

She is an alumnus of the School of Estates, Lagos, and a Fate Foundation alumnus where she got her first formal exposure to entrepreneurship.

She is passionate about people development, which has made her more open to a social entrepreneurship style for operating Ayomi Arts, believing that the problems of Africa can only be solved when Africans are ready to rise to the task, deploying sustainable strategies and partnerships within and outside our shores.


Olaniran Titilola is a seasoned textile artist who holds an honours degree in Fine and Applied Art from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. She possesses excellent communication, interpersonal, negotiation, and leadership skills needed to lead our creative team.

She has to her credit over five years of experience as a textile artist with experiences across different dyeing methods such as tie-dye, batik, and cassava resist, including other forms of textile arts like embroidery, stitches, crafting, and fashion designing.

Titilola’s addition to our team is one that has positively impacted our operations with her practical approach to problem-solving, ensuring deadlines, budgets, and objectives of our projects are met.

Our Success Story

Over two years, we have served notable brands and individuals, and successfully produced culture-inspired custom office wears, party wears, and decorative items for household use. We employ our skills across adire textile production, creative arts, and architecture for products used for fashion purposes, furniture reupholsters, office furniture, and car seats.

We pride ourselves on our products’ uniqueness, durability, and customer satisfaction.

With our social impact initiatives, AYOMI (Arts for Youths, Opportunities and Mentorship Initiative) Outreach is impacting orphans, teenagers, and youths to become change-makers in their community and the global space. Youths under our Global Youth Nation Initiative umbrella areadvancing in their careers and academics, with mentorships and scholarships worth thousands ofdollars in funding, and we are motivated to do more.

Our Offerings

We are a creative arts brand with innovative strategies for solving climate and socio-economic problems using various forms of art media.

We produce Adire textiles (Tie-dye and Batik) that are culturally inspired and adapted to suit contemporary needs of good quality and explore the numerous artistic and economic possibilities of this craft.

Furniture from upcycled waste: we create coffee tables, side tables, flower vases, pen holders, and more from waste materials to contribute to solving environmental pollution.

E-Books: learn and enjoy mental relaxation while you read our creative writing which are original works of the authors like Poetry, fictional and non-fictional e-books

E-Courses: train from the comfort of your location

Onsite Training: whether you are looking to learn a skill for income, hobby, or academic purpose, we offer onsite training to all age groups from adolescents to adults at our facility.

Our Pilot Projects

We love experimenting with the possibilities of arts in creating sustainable products in our quest to play our part in protecting the environment. We are upcycling waste materials like tires, glass, paper, fabrics, and plastics into functional interior items, drawing our inspiration from nature and culture.

Our furniture items are inspired by the beautiful colours of Africa found in the natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage, with materials sourced from Nigeria.

Our Social Impact Projects

As a social enterprise passionate about people development for adolescents, teenagers, youths, and especially for those on the vulnerable index in society, we are on a mission to raise 10,000 change makers among teenagers and youths by the end of 2023 and progressively in the years following with practical knowledge on creating sustainable innovations using arts and connecting them to opportunities around the world via our social impact initiatives.

To achieve this, we have introduced two initiatives into our operations, namely Arts for Youths, Opportunities, and Mentorship Initiative (AYOMI) Outreach in partnership with Future Leaders Empowerment Network (FLEN), and Global Youth Nation (GYN).

AYOMI outreach is an arts education program that uses the Science, Technology, Education, Art,and Math (STEAM) framework to teach the practical application of sustainability to raise a generation of critical thinkers who would solve social, climate, and economic problems in Nigeria, and the world using creative, strategic, and innovative design solutions.The program also aims to build participants’ leadership, entrepreneurial and social skills. Volunteers across different sectors in the STEAM framework are engaged to speak on practical applications of arts and sustainability in their professional fields. Materials for practical sessions are provided for beneficiaries in the vulnerability index and are sometimes required to provide waste materials that are readily available around them as needed.

The Global Youth Nation is an online community where we create awareness for opportunities such as scholarships, fellowships, grants, and mentorship for Youths to leverage for their career and academic advancement.Monthly webinars are held on capacity building, and mentorship is provided by volunteer international scholars to equip youths in harnessing these opportunities. Since we commenced in 2022, we have been able to raise members who received scholarships with funding worth thousands of dollars.

Our social initiatives are free for all beneficiaries, thanks to a portion of our profits, our partnership with FLEN, the selflessness of our Volunteer Mentors, our team of vibrant youth volunteers, and individual donors. We look forward to partnering with more donors, organizations, and volunteers to raise global change makers.